The Rise of Telegram Bots: Which ones do you use?

Since mid-2015, Telegram, our favourite messenger, has had bots.
According to Telegram,

Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software – not people – and they’ll often have AI features. They can do anything – teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things.

There are Telegram bots for everything under the sun just like there are apps for everything. There are bots that can scrap content off your favourite news website and present it to you without ever visiting that site. There are bots that can get you a GIF to troll your friends without having to look for one on Others will get you that daily motivational quote you yearn for. Others will make sure you have a constant supply of awesome wallpapers. What has caught our eye, however, is a different type of bot. One that will come in handy to just about every other Kenyan. Now you don’t have to spend money on costly SMS premium rate services to know your Kenya Power monthly bill. You only need to know your meter number and the @KenyaPowerBot will do the rest.

It looks like one of the things to look out for this year will be bots in messenger applications like Facebook is already working on getting as many of these as possible on its Messenger app. Telegram’s bots are already well established and they are even getting better. We recently had a huge update to Telegram that introduced the instantaneous “Inline bots”, bots that bring back anything you ask of them as soon as you do without the need for you to have added them to your group chat or something. You call them up from anywhere.

Since we stumbled upon the Kenya Power bot by accident, there may be quite a number of Telegram bots that address needs specific to Kenyans or any others that you’ve been using that we may not have come across. Let us know.

Having this as my first result, with the image bot result, I think I am here to stay


Kenyans will always be Kenyans :grinning:

Hahahaha! Trust you! Now we leave to imagination the other kind of bot queries you made that can’t be made public.

I am an amazing Kenyan. Hehehe

Man, I only have that as of now, in addition to the KPLC one. hehehe

News bot updates me on world news on all sections; entertainment, politics, tech etc


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