I hope you guys have heard the news about the OnePlus switching to ColorOS in China. What are your thoughts?

The old OnePlus had tech enthusiasts hype their devices because of the great value they offered and how fast and great their update timeline used to be.

The old OnePlus listened to its community closely and delivered.

How about the new OnePlus? Well, the new OnePlus has switched to overhyping their own products on social media so much that when they get in hand , they just become meeeeh.

Well, now that Pete Lau is CEO of both Oppo and OnePlus, they basically rebadge Oppo, and boom , it’s an OnePlus Now . Like the One Plus 9 Pro is just a rebadged Find X3 Pro, this basically means OnePlus has no heart of its own.

And Updates aren’t as fast as they used to be.

OnePlus is becoming another Money grab. Don’t get me started on the shittty N100 and N10 they came up with last year.

Now I don’t blame them because it’s a business, you either die a hero like Essential phone or you live long enough to become the Villain. What are your thoughts?


With years customers kept asking for more features and these features come at a cost eventually oneplus had no option but to give them what they wanted

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TechAltar will tell you, enthusiast brands will always betray you geeks. Remember Pebble Watches?


I thought the Google Play editions were a nice idea back in the day. A good phone for geeks at a relatively low cost.