The ICT Practitioners' Bill wasn't signed!

Some individuals who barely understand IT had decided it’s time to put all people who earn their keep using IT (who doesn’t by the way) needed to be put in a box, that’s behind us now as the bill was rejected. The actual details are still scanty but we have confirmations by the Ministry of ICT.

This topic seems to have been revived… Another scam to make money from people by forcing them to comply with outdated education standards?

We’ve seen a lot of companies world over state that degrees are useless when it comes to ICT talent, so this attempt by the government under the excuse of ‘bringing some order to the industry’ is nonsense

We need to push and make it not happen. We don’t need this boxing up of professionals.

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We should. It’s not like universities have the best reputation anyway for maintaining quality

Belinda told me that if I were to enroll for a university degree, I could graduate without having stepped into a class more than a handful of times – so long as I have money. There is a rule that students must attend at least 70% of the classes in person. For just Kshs. 200 every time, Belinda would sign me in to the relevant class that I should be attending. For about Kshs. 800, she and her smart friends would do my assignment for me. When the Continuous Assessment Test (CAT) time comes, Kshs 2000 would have someone impersonate me and do my test. They would make sure they pass by hook or crook because they have integrity in their hustle.

“If you failed,” said Belinda, “word would get around that I fail clients and so I would not get people coming to me.”

It’s a joke of a bill. IMO the emphasis should be on improving the quality of training and standardising qualifications.

Tech courses in Kenya are a joke. And BBIT (whichh was mentioned in that article) is essentially BCom with packages.