The Forgetten Gamers - Why Are Africa's gamers non-entities?

I’ve been mulling on aggregating data on why Gaming platforms (Playstation, Xbox, PC) continue to make access to games hard for gamers on the continent, even though evidence exists that the community is growing. I’d like to know what challenges you face as a gamer. Please reply with:

  1. Main gaming platform
  2. Ratio of Online versus Offline Gaming
  3. You biggest challenge you face as a gamer (eg access to latest content, payment modes, access to hardware etc)

NOTE: South Africa is the only country on the Continent that is fully supported on Playstation+, Xbox Live, and Steam (although Steam makes it much esier than the other two).

Thank you


Playstation 3 (for now, PS 4 Pro & XBOX ONE X soon)

At a minimum 20hrs of gaming a month, 18 are offline.

Internet connectivity is the biggest challenge. ZUKU’s 10Mbps is the bare minimum one needs for some lag free gaming - EVE Online, Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed etc

FTTH is live so avid gamers need at least 25Mbps @ KES 4500 a month for lag free standard gaming. If they opt for 4K 60FPS, then maybe 100Mbps @10K

Content isn’t really a challenge. It gets easier every day to get PS4 games in store (XBOX is much harder). Triple A titles are all available online, cheaper than buying the physical discs - Vivid Gold

Physical stores, while being KES 500 - KES 1000 more expensive, have one CRUCIAL advantage: One doesn’t need internet. PS4 games are 38GB - 60GB, so downloading without FTTH is not economical. Let’s do some math:

We shall assume the 10Mbps FTTH @ KES 3499 a month

10 Mbps = 10240 kilobyte per second so calculation is

10240 kilobyte = 1280 kilobit (8 byte = 1 bit)

So in 1 second 1280 KB will be downloaded

((1280 KB * 60 seconds * 60 min * 16 hours)/1024 (to make 1MB))/1024 (to make 1GB)

Optimum download is 105.47 GB.

16 hours is when the user is at work & asleep. The other 8 are active so the speeds will vary.

Online payments are easy enough - Nakumatt Global card is the best at doing this. Simply top up at the till/mobile money, connect it to your respective gaming account and you’re good to go. as of writing this, no hidden charges are incurred.

I am not surprised that we aren’t officially supported. This should change once internet becomes more mainstream. There are plenty of gamers in KE - more video game arcades opening up in poor internet areas, video game sellers on facebook, electronic shops selling 100+ Hz refresh rate capable monitors.

Well,some of us just buy our games on Steam,Origin and Uplay(PC Users),Most debit/credit VISA cards work with them and some of us have huge collections of games in our libraries…most of these games have poor LAN multiplayer support,mostly online multiplayer of which there is a huge kenyan community on…Most games on these platforms can be cheap…for example i got both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline for Ksh 800 on Origin just a week ago,i encourage one to use prepaid debit cards,that one can load using MPESA/Airtel Money and transact.We also need more informal LAN parties,some of us are lucky to engage or host some but its difficult to find users who are like minded in game choices

Online gaming doesn’t require that much. If you get a consistent 2Mbps (Download & Upload), you should be good. Very few games require higher speeds than that.

Ping on the other hand is very important. Anything below 100ms should be fine for most games.

If you have a 400 Mbps connection and 300ms ping, you won’t be playing lag free.

NOTE: This is purely for gaming online. You require much more bandwidth to download that 40GB game.

Main gaming platform - Play Station 4
Ratio of Online versus Offline Gaming - Full offline
You biggest challenge you face as a gamer - Payment options.

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Main platform - Steam
Ratio of online vs Offline - 80% online.
Biggest challenge - Ping. The best servers for me in Kenya are in South Africa with average ping of 60ms. Sometimes Europe servers work at 180ms, anything above that is useless.
Another challenge - Salty kids on CSGO.

Cost of games is a 50-50 issue depending on your playstyle. I usually wait months before playing most games because it’s not always worth the price - $59.99 for something like Call Of Duty whose single player campaign i’ll complete in 6 hours (On the hardest difficulty) doesn’t sound like a great deal.

Other games however, Like Infamous, Mass Effect, Witcher or The Arkham Series where one can put in 30 - 100 hours on single player are absolutely worth it.

Case and point is this weeks E3 Sale on Playstation. Games like Arkham Knight that were going for $100 at launch are $12 now…

FTTH 10Mbps will do, it’ll just take a while and is risky because of potential file corruption - if there is a connection error during download. I experienced this while downloading a 14GB game on H+ in 2015. The download corrupted and I had to start again.

If you’re a gamer, best you get the 50 - 100Mbps and save yourself some headaches.

I experienced this while downloading a 14GB game on H+ in 2015. The download corrupted and I had to start again.

Hahaha, that must have sucked. I really love Steam in these situations. I have had downloads interrupted over 10 times and it was still okay.

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Main gaming platform

The biggest challenge is finding time to buy original games.

Thanks Boaz. Whats your weekly DL usage when playing online? ie 5-10GB to 10-20GB, Over 50GB?

only…I got discouraged a while back when I saw Assasins creed unity at 6000…

Thanks Teri

Are on you on unlimited data FTTH ?

Haven’t measured, but my 50Meg more than covers it.

Boss,you gotta wait for the deals and the summer sales…Last year November Ubisoft was giving out Assassins Creed for free on Uplay,I got a whole pack of Assassins creed(4 games) for $20(Ksh2,000) on steam last year,i once bought a whole hitman pack(from silent assasin to absolution) on steam for $8(Ksh800) right now FIFA 17 is selling for Ksh2,800 instead of Ksh8,000 during this E3 sale…Gotta keep an eye out for these deals man,…once you buy you keep it in ur library forever…just download and play…every month EA origin give out a game for free also…

How I wish I knew this before I bought FIFA 17 @8k although at the time I thought it was a bargain because the Deluxe edition was @12k

Main platform - Steam
Ratio of online vs Offline - 30% online.
Biggest challenge - Getting time to play games

PC gaming is affordable with all those sales, humble bundles and origin access.

yep,the beauty is…games once bought are always available in the library…you can install play,uninstall…download another…all one needs is internet access after that,plus games come with all the nice online features plus chat…proof of purchase is always sent to your email.