The Best Prepaid Card You can Recommend

Hello, guys, I had seen an earlier thread on this forum regarding prepaid cards whats your experience using the prepaid cards especially if you have used them to do online shopping, which one qualifies to be the best-prepaid card btwn I&m multicurrency prepaid card, Nic multicurrency prepaid card, I&m Safaricom mpesa card and CBA loop Mastercard? If you got any whats your experience and what are the pros and cons. I look forward to getting one very soon and I would really appreciate hearing your opinions on the same before I proceed further… @deewnc et al.

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@deewinc et al. :blush:

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I found NIC to be the best.

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I use Loop and I have no complains about it, I prefer it to anything else…


many thanks guys i do appreciate for your views

I have the CBA Loop… their card managent App on Android is quite good.

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I also use loop because of its app convenience and it easily connects to Paypal, Ebay, Banggood etc

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I also use CBA loop card for most online payments and other payments and it works quite well plus its easy to preload and its User interface its quite good,their customer service is also on top…

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Hey guys and just Before you wish away this thread we have a new development that you should check out here Do I say This deal couldn’t have come at a better time. Your thoughts… @deewinc @Krizwech @Dree_Alexander @sarunibm @Fbwonda

I think we did mention that CBA Loop requires you to have bank account with CBA?

Well, I don’t know how useful this is to people like me who only occasionally purchase online. I don’t travel directly to China, so I don’t think this is good news to me.

Been using Equity Prepaid card ever since my Airtel Money card expired sometime last year. There’s no need to open an account with them, can pay online with the card, and you can top up the card directly via mpesa paybill, n best of all i got it for free

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Does your card still work? I have picked one up and even the initial registration to make the card active is not working…:frowning:

We’ve discussed several. Exactly which one?

I use Barclays multi currency as my e commerce card as my main bank is still in the jahiliyah period and doesn’t accept online payments. I have used it to buy stuff of amazon US and pay for my Netflix and other paid subscriptions. It works perfectly for me.

one thing i like about Barclays is that you receive an sms on your number whenever you buy something, deposit or any other form of transaction. I ind that really cool and assuring.

I had replied to @iamtembo post but discourse seems not to put the reply there …

The prepaid card in question is the equity prepaid card … I have not able to activate it …The read out from the initial merchant loading of money says the card is expired …

Something is not working on equity’s end …

Must you create an account with Barclays or rather Absa Group?

i had to create an account. That is probably the downside. But its super quick

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