Terrarium TV is shutting down, any alternatives?

Woi, Terrarium had been my go to android tv app when it came to movies and series, its UI and layout was simply amazing but sadly its shutting down

Anyone with an alternative app to Terrarium please share. Freeflix is an ugly alternative in my android box but i’d still like to hear others.

…popcorn time? flixify…?

cool interface, only problem is they are forcing me to create a VPN account via my email :fearful: and i can’t skip that page, Terrarium was completely free with no sign ups.

Also needs signing up, whatever for? :unamused:

na hivyo ndivyo nime-uninstall zote mbili

You can skip the VPN sign up on popcorn time, you just need to look closely cuz the interface is too dark :joy:.

Flixify you require an invite :grin:, it has everything in my opinion.

You needed an alternative, good luck :smirk:

Try TeaTV. There’s also a modded version of Terrarium that bypasses the ‘update’ on your post.

Whenever I find out there’s this section of a free streaming app I automatically withdraws no matter how nice the app can be

Didn’t we agree to create an email address for all the junk?

Yes you can but on the download movie/series option only, skipping the vpn screen takes you straight to downloading screen (sitaki kudownload i go to torrents for that). When you want to stream it forces you to sign up, skipping it brings another pop up with no skip option, closing the pop up takes you back to where you started smh

Nipe invite if you are already there :sunglasses:

Now this is more like it no sign ups required, just download, install and start using. Only problem is the streaming links take ages to load and adverts kibao. Otherwise nitavumilia untill another suggestion is given. As for the modded Terrarium kuipata ni ngumu there are so many variants of it online you cant tell which one is which.

Touche’ my sentiments exactly

I created that email years ago but nilisahau password

Didn’t we agree to create an email address for all the junk?

It’s not downloading the movie but the metadata since it streams from torrents (and only in 1080p, 720p, or 3D if you want to :smile:).

If you are keen enough you will realize it will begin downloading metadata, then buffering to 100%, and boom, you are good to go. If you have a fast internet, this section takes less than a minute.

You can inbox your “second” email for an invite :grin:

I would advise you to retry popcorn time and allow it to download the metadata. If you have fast internet it won’t bother you afterwards.

Link to a working one?

There’s already a Terrarium TV Reborn subreddit. Best place for up to date safe links.

Haha just make another one and don’t try to remember the password. Use a password manager. Just checking on mine I’ve got 424 passwords saved in there and for sure there’s no way to remember 400+ unique and strong passwords unless you are some sort of savant.

:grin: I get attached to my emails maybe.

Pa links kutake time kuload siwezi kusaidia but if you want it without ads visit a forum called Mobilism, unaweza pata a modded version yenye haina ads.

Who has a registered FreeflixHQ app email acount and password to remove adverts? Sambaza

TeaTV is great

There is this app called titanium tv similar to terranium you can get it below


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Shida ni sudden popup adverts ndio mingi especially on the selection page

Awesome, i just hope it’s here to stay

Titanium app is also gone :unamused: though some users say theirs is still functioning, it’s only a matter of time.

Any other Alternatives?