Ten apps I can't stay without on my Android phone

True. You need an active internet connection to view message history and files. It sucks. But the guys I’m working with insist on using it.

Sometimes when you have new messages, the app won’t notify you. It’s so sensitive to the quality of internet connection.

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Google keep
Google sheets
Google podcasts
simcity build it
Google fit
isaveMoney (budget and expenses app)
Google home

Does this app allow you to easily track fees imposed on expenses (For example, Mpesa charges) or you do it separately?

I have tried to look for an app that can do that on PlayStore but I can’t find any. The closest I could get is BlueCoins app. It allows you to split a transaction into two and you can add fees such as Mpesa charges on a transaction.

Unfortunately, woke up one day and found that it had deleted all data. Apparently, that’s a problem affecting some users. Can’t risk using it again lest I lose all the data once more.

Nope, it doe not, but out of all trackers I have had this one covers all boxes

Gmail and Google Docs