Telkom Internet really bad after merger

Please temme you guys have noticed how bad Telkom internet has been since it’s acquisition by Airtel, I need you guys to confirm whether it’s the same for you or it’s just an isolated case. I can’t say I did not see this coming though. My night data s throttling really badly, I’m hardly able to consistently watch full HD youtube video

Now that you mention it, my airtel internet (which wasn’t so great to begin with) seems worse. I keep having to turn data off and back on more frequently to get 3g going. 4g seems fine though.


Well that’s a bummer, it kills me that I have had to run back to safaricom to get legitimate speeds but well, we gotta do what we gotta do.


This merger is yet to be complete. But Telkom has always had issues with speed throttles in the past. I had issues with my device so much that I even considered breaking the damn line. On 4G and I’d get speeds as low as 30Kbps. Called them severally and kept getting standard answers.

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If Faiba cut their marketing budget and poured that money on infrastructure, they could be waay better. JTL is the only viable competitor to Safaricom in my opinion, on 4g and FTTH.

My reasoning is, Faiba only operates in Kenya, unlike Airtel which has a lot on the table. Further, it doesn’t have government bureaucracy like Telkom.

They just need to invest in respectable speeds at all time (LTE-A would be nice, they can aggregate the same 700 MHz band: Intra-band contiguous for cost saving), and make sure that issues are addressed quickly.

They have to buy more spectrum. One problem is that CA wanted other players to buy the rest of the 700Mhz spectrum. So they can only look for other bands, most likely the 2600Mhz.

Which Faiba… I have their modem gathering dust for a while now. Couldn’t get decent reliable speeds.

:rofl: :rofl: Wakiamua kua mbaya they spoil everything. But they are fine… in my experience, though there’s a lot of room for improvement. Their ftth naskiaga iko sawa…

true,JTL just need to invest in infrastructure and get the right spectrums for 4G so they can support more devices.I would dump telkom for faiba in a heartbeat if i could get it to work on my current phone.

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I’m having problems with Telkom internet for over a month now. I have complained hadi nimechoka just waiting to go back to baba na mama Safcons.

Same on Airtel data, you have to switch of and on, turn on airplane mode etc. Will be going back to Safaricom in future

Am surprised guys are complaining of bad Airtel internet speeds on the contrary mine has really improved and ain’t thinking of switching but am thinking of getting faiba for backup

faiba as redundant,i guess for Airtel 4G maybe location is working to your advantage.

On our side Airtel internet gets so bad kukiwa na game, almost unusable ata. But soon as game inaisha net inarudi poa :joy:
While this happens Telkom and Safaricom internet still maintain. I’m noticing the same even right now. The game is about to begin and Airtel internet is so crappy am basically using Telkom bundles to get online and it will continue like this till the game ends

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