Telkom and Showmax bundle offer discussion

Showmax and Telkom Kenya have been working on a plan to ship both data for the Telco and subscriptions for the OTT media streaming company. Purchased in two options of Kshs 1500 and Kshs 2000, specifically for mobile use and you get a 1GB or 1.5GB bundle a day spread out for the month, what do you think about the proposition?

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It’s a sweet move
I’m a bit sceptical if the bundle allocations will be enough. They could just make a single unlimited package since it’s already designed for Showmax only, accessible only on mobile.
Also the Telkom 4G speeds have deteriorated and they’re yet to work on improving them. I wouldn’t want to pay 1500 only to have a live game buffering.
If they can work on those two, especially the internet speeds, it would make the deal even more compelling

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telkoms 4G has been degrading lately.I am wondering whats happening with their infrastructure.

I managed to speak to an insider at the management level and it’s sad that the company isn’t doing much to address this issue.

She informed me that the top managers are aware of the issue. They also published a report of all the affected areas. Months later, nothing is happening.

I have a good number of friends that were on the 4,000bob plan that have jumped ship to join Safaricom’s 4G unlimited.


That’s a bummer! Of all the areas they could miss out on, competing on mobile data offerings should be a challenge, what will they have left?

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It’s so sad. I don’t understand why they’re investing in Fiber to the Home when their mobile network is increasingly becoming unreliable.

Safaricom jumped the FTTH bandwagon after concurring LTE. Telkom would have channelled those resources in LTE instead.

Over the past three quarters, they’ve been bleeding over 60,000+ data customers (based on CAK data). That’s almost 200,000 users in under a year.

If I was Mugo Kibati, that would have worried me a lot.