Telkom 4G Kicks off With FREE 1GB Daily Pack

Guys, who has noticed that Orange ,well, Telkom decided to give 1GB free 4G bundle to be used in 4G covered areas? From 50MB daily to 1GB Daily and it’s not time based, you can use it at any time.

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Seen it right now, and I’ve tried to subscribe but the error being given is that the system is busy right now

You can keep trying. Just tried it before posting and it worked.

Got it. But somehow my SIM card doesn’t show 4G in my location. I’ll check in town and update. But I got the 1GB.

I have noticed it too. I’m not receiving the 4G signal either. Also, there is no way to confirm the bundle balance of the free 1GB. Just checked the bundle balance but it’s not reflecting. But let’s wait and see may be everything will be perfectly activated at 11am.

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Do you know how to check if SIM is 4G enabled?

I have a 4G SIM card. If you haven’t swapped this week specifically for a 4G SIM card then you don’t need to check, you don’t have one. Go and change.

Meanwhile, speeds in town.


That is great. Funny enough, some Safaricom executives are also in attendance in the meeting of Telkom re-branding.

How is that surprising? They are curious to see what the new boyfriend looks like. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Nicely done.Where in town exactly? The city doesn’t have equal coverage for these signals - KENCOM is too dense so speeds are lower vs Uhuru park, Inside buildings has too much interference.

Seems they caught up with SafCON in 1 step. Is this their entry level 4G+ ama regular 4G? Try tether and do a download via IDM so we know how it works.

This is at Kencom, Hilton.

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So what don’t we already know? Bring the questions.

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Telkom unlimited data plan stays there for home option at Kshs 4k

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Mombasa is fully covered I am happy.


Capped at 50GB though :persevere::persevere::persevere:

Unfortunately, we don’t have a 4G signal at home in Kariobangi South or anywhere close. Picked up a very weak signal around BuruBuru shopping center and tried to do a speed test.

How do I attach a photo though?

The re-brand is nothing but a game of musical chairs. The cost of bundles have not changed significantly especially for power users who want to play games and watch movies on the cheap. I guess we will have to wait for the Google balloon Internet or SpaceX or facebook Internet served by low orbiting satellites.