Tecno is Killing it!

Tecno is killing it. I conducted an informal survey, which involved me counting the number of Tecno devices in the matatus I use. Not unless mother nature has conspired to have me enter Matatus with people with Tecnos, I can sufficiently conclude the Shenzen folks are killing it.

In this report by Caixin (a Beijing-based media group providing financial and business news and information) , Tecno shipped 45 million handsets into the African market in 2014. Transsion Holdings, formerly known as Tecno Telecom Limited also owns Itel and Infinix brands. Tecno has become a formidable force likely to unsettle Samsung from the summit, also acknowledged by a former Samsung Execstrong text.“We have maintained a strong lead on smartphones but latest market statistics indicate that Samsung has been losing market share to the Chinese firms,”

This got me thinking, where is Tecno getting it right?

  1. The budget devices - Most people got the “introductory” smartphone device after their feature phones. Then came the upgrade moment, which was likely a budget Samsung device. The market was then unsettled by the aspiration devices with huge screens, large memory and awesome cameras. The devices with features close to the aspirations devices were north of 25,000/=. Tecno came in, filled this segment with what 9-15K devices? Everyone who wants an upgrade will naturally get this.

  2. Brand Loyalty- Tecno has been a brand associated with knock-offs for a longtime. Even after cleaning their image people still look at them with reservations. However, NOT ALL DO. I am thinking of that guy in my Gishagi whose first device was a Tecno with that very annoying ringtone. This guy after saving up, walks into a shop in Nanyuki to get a new device for 6-7K. There is a Tecno that meets their budget range. They are already familiar with Tecno, so they will definitely buy one.

  3. Availability- I think one area where Tecno beats all others is in Distribution. I think anyone can walk into a shop in possibly any part of Kenya and get a tecno device. The branding has also been pretty effective.

No. No. No. this is not an advert for Tecno but mere observations that these folks are killing it!!

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I also think Tecno is doing it right because people who I know that bought a Samsung device in like 2012 are now planning for their next phone to be a Tecno.
I you have like 15K and want a phone, you’ll have 2 main choices, a Low end Samsung or a Mid-Range Tecno. :sunglasses:
It’s just that Tecno puts work in all of it’s devices while Samsung just throws Low budget phones into the market to fill it’s gap.

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Watch out for the new guys Innjoo and Infinix on Jumia,they have some new devices at prices that blow one out of the water…they are the next wave

I believe Infinix is owned by Tecno