Tecno & Infinix Showing ads

Few days back i saw someone complain of seeing ads in whatsapp, today it did hit me and luckily took the screenshot before the ad disappeared the ads seems to be based on content u like for my case its football and movie ads. This is the fourth ad am receiving this morning

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Do you use the official WhatsApp from Play Store? Also, I don’t think the ad is by WhatsApp, due to the fact that it doesn’t even fit without hiding content.

Go to your phone’s permission settings and check which apps have permission to draw over other apps. There’s probably a trojan doing all the dirty work.

Checking that asap

Definitely not WhatsApp Ads. The official and all third-party apps from legit places do not have ads.

You either have a virus or a rogue app installed as @sarunibm mentioned.

Denied every app permission to draw over other apps and the ads disappeared thanks to @sarunibm u know am new to android still learning though. Vry grateful for your assistance.


I have received similar ads this week based on dating and football(socceruncle).funny thing is I am not a fan of football and i don’t use any dating app/site.i will have to deactivate permission to draw over apps for all my apps

I was receiving ads from the same soccernucle and it was based on football games and dating sahizi imepotea i am still monitoring though

Every App? Aren’t there Apps that require this permission?

I have had issues with the Jumia App giving those annoying popup notifications (over other apps), however, Jumia is not listed under the Apps that require “Display over other apps” permission.

So, how is it able to show the popups?

Hapa naona uko na App gushi.

Jumia is such a scammy app when it comes to advertising. I hate it.

Anywhere, disabling push notifications seems to kill the popups. They use the push notification system to display a popup instead of a normal notification.

There are system apps that needs the permission so when denying this permission they are exempted

The same here. Kicked out the app due to trashy pop ups that won’t stop showing up

I have noted the problem was carlcare app i had uninstalled it but for the past week it pops back whenever i remove it

CarlCare app shows ads? My God!

These are the companies that do not think beyond their nose. Transsion is a big company in subSaharan Africa but its like they dont realize people who live here are changing. Soon their customers will be Samsung and Xiaomi fanboys. These guys should have devices which compete at all levels.

The ads are back but not as frequent as the previous ones this time they pop up while switching from mobile data to wi-fi and vice versa my main problem is i haven’t identified which app is this but the notification pops up as a system UI i think there’s a problem with this phone to be specific it is an infinix

I had seen it 4 days ago and became suspicious.I uninstalled it and began scrutinizing the phone for any weird behaviour, last night I got a dating ad and on checking my homescreen…carlcare is on the last page

I’m buying a new phone soon hizi tecno na infinix ni shida

The least expected of apps was the culprit in my case, keep monitoring you will find the problem. I’m using a tecno

To infinix users the problem is an app hidden under system apps called notification when the add pops up pull the notification shade long press the notification and click the i button or the information button it will take u straight away to the app with an option of uninstalling it and your prblm will be solved