Tecno Camon CX is in

Today we got the Tecno Camon CX, that follows the Camon C9 which was quite a decent phone at it’s price point. The Camon is a camera focused series. We got a review unit today, the first impressions article is here and for things that can’t fit in a blog post, we shall be updating this topic. Any questions you may have will also be answered here. Oh, and the reason I thought to start this is because the Camon CX is interesting in it’s own way. Any other interesting phone will get it’s own topic, doesn’t have to be started by me, it can be started by any one of us.

Interested in buying it. Anyone use it so far? Apart from Techweez guys coz mnakaa mmelipwa :joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Have you read the review @barbzy? Those don’t get influenced by anything. We mentioned what it’s good at and what misses it’s got.

But still, an independent voice is better as you say.

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I did read the review. I was hoping someone who’s bought it would tell me what they think.

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@barbzy I truly hope you didn’t end up buying this phone.

I’m currently using it. That review got everything right. It’s pretty much the most annoying phone I’ve ever used. This is not hyperbole.

  • I hate HiOS. It’s a pointless waste of space. I quickly switched to my trusted Nova Launcher.

  • It comes with one of those cases that old people like; you know the ones that have a top flap too… :unamused:. The top flap gives you access to the display, allowing you to answer calls, see the time, see notifications etc… This is how it looks like when it’s closed.

You can turn on the flashlight by swiping up and the music app by swiping down. (Only Boom Music btw which I haven’t given a chance yet). Do you know how many times I’ve accidentally turned on that flashlight?!? It’s SUPER annoying. And while on any other music app, you can’t use the music shortcut either so that whole experience is limiting.

  • It does NOT multitask!!! In 2017?!? I don’t understand this.

  • I tried to play Temple Run 2 on this thing once and just gave up. That screen is not responsive enough. My fingers would get stuck and I would fall to my death in that forest. I got tripped by the snake!!! On a Global Challenge… :rage: I figured I’d quit while ahead and not waste any more gems.

  • I was on a night shoot the other day and I shot some video with the CX camera. It’s TERRIBLE in low light and has no stabilization at all. (I can’t share the videos because it was a client’s job and hasn’t been released yet). Just take my word for it. PS: I checked the settings and made sure I was shooting in 1080P but it looked like straight SD. Especially when I was on Slow-Mo.

  • I like the fingerprint sensor; it’s pretty fast and I’ve always been a sucker for sensors on the back of the phone. I like the power saving modes too. But that’s pretty much it. For me this has been like using a Mulika Mwizi.

I bought it @aj_musira :frowning:

Too late I guess :unamused:

I agree on the videos on low light…not the best…been trying to do SnapChat on video and it is horrible.

Also, if you run Facebook or SnapChat it begins to say “you device is running slow”. I just wish I had enough money to get the… wait, I did have enough money, just that I let it swim :sob: :sob:

Oh I finally got a back cover for it…it is cute and sleek and makes the phone feel lighter and thinner than the flip cover. I hated that thing with a passion! :angry: :rage:

. [quote=“barbzy, post:6, topic:1021”]
wait, I did have enough money, just that I let it swim :sob: :sob:



This came as a result of the partnership between TECNO and Manchester City Football Club. We have had the device for couple of days and here are the reasons why we like the limited edition Camon CX.

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