Techweez Virtual Meetup? Anyone Interested

Hey Guys,whats your take on the Techweez team considering doing a virtual meeting using Zoom,Google Meet or Microsoft Teams for this forum maybe on a monthly basis,like once a month,for like 30 min to an hour.Just guys chilling and talking about whats happening in tech generally locally and regionally.I feel its a great idea and maybe its worth exploring…For those in favour,kindly respond and let your voice be heard…


Yeah. Great idea… Especially if well planned…

Great idea

That’s a good idea

Totally in support of this.

I suggest we have a topic to talk about say a dive down into a particular product or service.


Halafu iwekwe pale YouTube kwa channel ya Techweez :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Hii itasaidia sana

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i agree,it can be an inexpensive way to generate content for Techweez.

Who is bringing beer?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: BYOB it’s a virtual meetup…

:joy::joy:lol. This is a great idea though. A virtual meetup and discussions about tech could be really innovative. Apo ata ndio people network and even do virtual business handshakes.

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Yeeeeh it is a brilliant idea which could also help techweez feed this content into an audio format for their podcast.I feel a monthly virtual meetup would go a long way in growing the techweez community.


I am in. I suggest we narrow down the discussion (and divide it) to things we all seek to understand or solve such as home internet, PC choice for work/play, configurations, tech recommendations etc

When will this be?

From what am seeing people are on board. We simply need a team to work out the specifics.

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I think what would be best would be a discord group cause that now more things we can do

You drink too much!