Techweez Podcast? Anyone?

So as an avid tech enthusiast i have been listening to the techmeme podcast for a while now and i been thinking.Techweez is a local tech news site…what if the team did a weekly/monthly or daily podcast? Is it possible? Techweez team think about it…Any members into this idea?


Maybe they should team up with other tech bloggers in Kenya for podcasts…

My favourite Kenyan tech podcast is 24BIT, hosted by Android Kenya, techarena, techtrends, and Dickson Otieno. I find their topics informing in most cases.

It might be interesting to see Techweez launch their own. This would increase variety and increase knowledge base (even amongst themselves). Even though you might be aware of the few tech news that happen locally, discussing them ensures better understanding in most cases.

But first securing forums with TLS should be the top priority :grin:



true i’d rather listen than read on these screens zimenifanya nalia kila time

Always read at low brightness.

This is a good idea.

There is also night light which is now a setting on Windows 10, you can choose to have it on for longer. It removes blue light, that plus lower light will make things better.

Blue light has positive effects to the functioning of the brain. I realized when I use the blue light filter I get less productive. Eyes get heavy thinking it’s time for bed.

So I decided to use ordinary sunglasses and they work like a charm.


It’s as clear as day that you need some form of eye wear, fika kwa optician.

I liked this but their audio is wanting from low volume to lots of background noise. Anyway wrong forum to air that though.

It’s a good good idea at least to demystify and give options to techs we use.

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How do you listen to podcasts? Just sit and listen? I have the concentration of a fish when it comes to listening to them. I’d rather read or watch.

i listen to podcasts when i am on transit or about to sleep…

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So that you sleep faster …!?

I mostly watch rather than just listen without any visuals. Otherwise I can just listen when am on transit. Podcasts I follow have an accompanying video though…

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While walking to work. You don’t have to listen to technology podcasts because I guess most of those would actually be quite boring to just sit and listen.

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For me its a secondary activity. Like music i listen to podcast while i am on the move

Nope,cause sometimes i m just resting on the bed n i just want to listen to something constructive

Now thats more like it

true,it can be any podcast discussing various topics

btw 24BIT have some good stuff but the quality of the podcast is kinda tricky…i have noticed that btw esp the low volume audio and background noises.

Sound and visual are complementary you can’t compromise any for a good user’s experience.
That said, am interested to watch a podcast from Techweez community.