Techweez Badges which ones do you have?

So here’s one update of many about what you need to know about the forum. We are going on well and we love the momentum we’ve picked. Now here’s a new one. As a member you are able to see your acquired badges, and even badges of another member. Badges are great, they are a way to say thank you for doing something nice. Even we here try getting as many as possible.

There are many that are acquired by merit and are for feel good and there are some that are acquired as a trust mechanism, enables you do more things on the forum. Like when you join you are automatically on trust level zero. Means you cannot share an external link, it gets automatically flagged by the system for moderation. You get to trust level one very easy, by being active, starting topics, reading contributions and responding to other people’s forum entries.

Visit this page to see all the badges available, there are green ticks to show what badges you have.
You will also see the explanation on what each badge is about, how to acquire it and how many have been issued to forum members. Once in a while when we have something nice to reward our members, we will use the badges to pick out who best deserves the reward. It could be something simple like a smartphone, or any other hardware that we have in our hands. So get those badges. We’ll be checking and structuring which badges earn you the best chances to grab goodies.

I’ll also add, you will see some new badges come in randomly for good things you’ve done in the past.

Who’d like a cookie?


Give me a cookie. Member, editor, first like, first quote, the list is endless :slight_smile:

You actually do deserve a cookie. :sunglasses:You are in our list of great members.

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Just gone through my stats. Interesting.

Can’t believe i have logged in 100 days straight and spent 3 days reading.

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Here’s mine… I really slowed down the last few months. I couldn’t post all the time for some reason - account errors?. Still, I am happy with my progress over the last year