Techweez App For Windows 10

every morning I wake up and the first thing i do is to check my mail and read tech news from my favorite sites and all this I do in these in their respective apps except one site that i check on daily but i have to click on the web to do that and guess which site it is… Techweez my favorite local tech site and blog. Was thinking and wondering why ‘U’ techweez hasn’t made an app for Windows 10 and today i have decided to put this here so that all the windows fan boys out there can support this to compel techweez to create an app for Windows 10.

Morning Pascal, thanks for this. This is my opinion as Martin, not a team opinion. Now may I know whether this is for Windows phone or web, because when deciding to make an app, a team has to made a strategic decision on whether maintaining one is justifiable from the impact it presents. If you notice, we currently do not have any apps on the store. This is because channels like Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Telegram) ensure that readers do not need to install another app to do more things.

I know that the app simplifies access, meaning that you sync stuff whether on WiFi or not and access offline at your convenience, but the number of users who are on Windows Phone, just like Blackberry keeps dwindling by the day, and it’s not any different with Windows desktop. The browser is king, and social media is queen.

But we are all ears for feedback.

I assure u I will mobilize my frnds who share my opinion coz every time i open your page in my laptop my classmates and frnds do ask ‘hiyo Ni app gani’ only for me to tell them its a tech site/blog that informed my decision to post that op u consider an app because sometimes your blog site and forums site is a times down :point_down:

We definitely will. Thanks for the persistence.

Meanwhile Angry Birds is leaving the Windows space

I think that’s a stupid decision and they’ll regret it later. Other companies like game troopers, Gameloft and EA are developing decent apps for Windows 10 and am sure they are dancing happy coz of UWP advantage

Meanwhile Gicheru have u tried the new Mspoweruser universal app if yes, comment am already bought off by that app damn Amazing

By the way there’s interesting things you can do with the feed, which is basically what apps fetch to deliver offline content.