#TechTuesday: Digital Assistant - Do we really need them?

We all know about digital assistants, the likes of Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and now we even have news of Nokia developing their own digital assistant, known as Viki.
So topic of discussion today is do we really need these digital assistants? Which ones have you used? How often do you use them? What do you wish they could do? If you don’t use any of them, kindly tell us why.
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i use cortana and google assistant more often than i can remember,setting calendar reminders,getting news and information e.t.c

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I only use Google Assistant on Allo. To get news and sometimes just ask random questions for fun.

As of now, I don’t use any virtual/voice/digital assistant as much as I acknowledge that we very much need them. The only problem is accessibility. If I had an iPhone with Siri front and centre or a Google Pixel with Google Assistant breathing down my ears every now and then, probably I’d have embraced one but I don’t. At the moment, the assistants available to me on my device as an ordinary user like Google Assistant and Cortana, are not central to how I use my phone. I have to go into Allo to use Google Assistant. Lol. The last time I used Allo was 2 months ago but I use my phone every 5 minutes or so. As for Cortana, well, on Android it’s still a long shot. On the desktop, our chances of interaction are limited because I hardly ever launch it despite letting it run unobstructed in the background all the time learning about me and I don’t use Microsoft Edge where Cortana is prominent. I am a sucker for Chrome as I have been for several years now. And Outlook where I read all my emails. If I am to use Cortana as envisioned by Microsoft, it will have to follow me around to those apps/places as well not me trying to invoke it all the time. Point is, a digital assistant has to fit into how I use my device(s) and not me trying to find use cases for it/try to make it fit in my life. Having seen how Alexa works in the Echo and the Dot or how Assistant is front and centre on the Pixel, I am sure we’d hit it off immediately if I had any of those devices but I don’t and as things stand, I have to go out of my way to get the assistant to assist me and I am not going to do that.

I don’t really use digital assistants that much. Google Now for example is preloaded on my phone and I’ve switched it off. I noticed that I can live without them although engaging with them using the known keywords is fun.

Google Assistant however seems to be an assistant that I would use if it was on Google thanks to its killer feature of remembering the gist of an ongoing conversation.

In our country, we are in the verge of making our every day lives being run by digital assistants and this is the future, but right now, I can comfortably live without a digital assistant.

I spoke too soon. I might actually be needing help with this

Hahahah, I see Cortana trying to be useful

Just Used cortana to request for an uber and it works,just link cortana with uber account and its done


Dude!, your desktop is a mess!

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I know,nywa cortana and uber need deeper integration to facilitate voice recognition

One more thing, is there a noticeable improvement in performance when you use Advanced System Care and Speedify?

I use both Google Assistant and Siri all of the time. My life kind of requires them.

I use them mostly for news, calendar management and tasks like navigation and quick looks at emails. Bonus: I avoid having to actually open up apps so I’m able to use my phone a lot more “hands-free” than I would if I wasn’t using them. I like the flight status updates and “What’s Nearby” cuz I travel for work but I guess you can get these with just Google Now cards.

I also do a lot of field reporting for work and Google Assistant remembers my preferences for notes apps, PLUS saves a translation in English when I’m recording an interview in a foreign language. Basically she takes dictation like a pro!

I would be lost without an assistant.

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Yes,i do notice some performance improvement with use of Advanced System Care,i use speedify as a bonding/VPN tool occasionally,Speedify 5.0 has some significant improvement in internet speed and VPN functionality.

Why do I get the feeling the words used would be much nicer if the voice was male? Seems she’s quite useful to you.

Tihihihihihi. Maybe I should turn it to male and take that for a ride. I’ll report back in a few weeks. :grinning:

What became of this?

I use Cortana most of the time specifically when using my headset it just basically reads for me texts and announce to me whoever calls plus cortana also helps me out with my emails and remainders major disadvantage is its battery intensive