Team Linux: Post your distro!

Looking for local linux gang to share challenges, tips, best distro to hop and opinions as to why.

Using Manjaro XFCE (Illyria)

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I chose Mint Cinnamon as my daily driver for the stability and long term support. I have a second rig running Fedora with Gnome for development and to support my organisation’s CentOS powered servers.


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, I find that Ubuntu is the most balanced flavour for both work and play.

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Been on Ubuntu since the days of GNOME desktop(Ubuntu 10.4), then witnessed the rise and fall of Unity desktop(RIP) and now back to GNOME(Ubuntu 18.04 LTS). What I can say is that the current LTS is rock solid stable in terms of performance and also leverages the amazing GNOME desktop workflow.
So Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS it is!

Unity was a sleek piece of design and ahead of its time.

Ubuntu was my first Distro. Though found it way too heavy on my system. Not to mention that I hate the desktop environment they had on 18.04. 18.10 is better though

Jumped to Lubuntu which meh!

Anyone used openSUSE?

Linux Mint-cinnamon has to be the best. Too bad I didn’t try it earlier

Stock GNOME on Ubuntu 18.04 is heavy on resources and inversely Lubuntu is focused on performance over looks. As always your requirements should determine what flavour of Linux you select.

Suse is like Fedora, if you are a developer then you will enjoy accessing new features and the rapid development schedule. Fun fact, Linus Torvalds is a Fedora man.

I thought Linus used Mint?

When all the hoping is done, I want to finally settle on Fedora. Very stable and looks professionally done

Linus is not a big fan of Debian/ Ubuntu. Although he respects that it is a good entry point for the casual user.

From the interviews out there, he used Suse before shifting to Fedora. Both are very good options for the professional developer.

From Distrowatch newcomers such as ElementaryOs and Mx Linux are pushing off the heavyweights …

Distrowatch stats aren’t meant to be taken too seriously.

The presence of security focused Parrot and Kali on the list is a dead giveaway.

Ok ok …the degree of easiness to which an install and getting a fully working machine(drivers) of any of the Debian distros nowadays is shockingly good.


It’s all good mate.

Ease of installation out of the box is the best. I have zero sympathy for team driver packs.

APT that powers Debian (also Ubuntu) is twenty years old. And only getting stronger!

Not a fan of Elementary, looks nice but wait till something stops working. Troubleshooting is a headache.

Plus I heard folks call it “beg-ware”. Their App manager is full of ma-sirkal nisaidie

True, Distrowatch is not a good indicator. Everyone knows Ubuntu should be miles ahead of any other distro though on the site it’s been No. 5 for some time.

I like checking it though. Gives me an idea which distro to sample next

This is why all those 2018 or 2019 will be the year of the Gnu/Linux desktop never happen.

You have to cater for the less hands-on audience. They are the bigger market segment.

I remember having to repair grub in an Legacy/EFI system as the MBR was corrupted as a noob. It was the first introduction to living on the CMD without any visual UI’s to interact with.

Couple of years later, can’t live without the CMD especially for development work. I can’t switch back to windows without Git Bash.

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Reading your comments makes me feel how much I have missed since I last used linux distros. I used to duo boot Kali linux with Windows when I was in second-third year campo (almost broke my PC during the installation process).

Nowadays I feel like linux is mostly beneficial to back-end developers. Common wananchi like us won’t benefit as much (i forgot most of the command lines I was using to get something done on Kali). But nitarudi soon to test hizi distributions :grin:. My work nowadays requires OS with apps and extensions that don’t exist in Linux (I think).

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The year of the Linux desktop is a running gag at this point.

We all have such horror stories :grin:

During my days as an intern, one of my daily assignments was to transfer backups from an ancient HP-UX server. The accepted method was to connect using Putty and then drag and drop the backup to an external drive. Needless to say I set up a scheduled script to automate that task.

The terminal is powerful and much more efficient if you know how to use it. And on Windows you have Powershell which is almost as powerful as Bash.

IMO anyone working professionally in IT should be comfortable working from the terminal. It’s so much faster and efficient than the GUI.

Please join us!

Believe it or not, Linux (whichever distro you choose) has vastly improved and one can survive without ever using the terminal.

Start with Mint or Deepin, very similar to Windows and without the hassle of technicalities

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