#TBT - Free Incoming Calls? Dr. DRE's Mixtape or Simcard? 不不不

Enyewe tumetoka mbali. Year 2000 when some tarrifs attracted call connection fees and other fees for receiving calls :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I might have been just 1 year old but I remember the excitement and prices went down in the early 2000s. Those days of Kencels Yes! And then Celtels Making life better!

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2,500 for a SIM card!!!

I have no recollection of that ad. I was 6!

The simcard was 10,000 for Safaricom and 12,500 for Kencell. The 2,500bob was a bold move to attract more customers into owning a mobile phone.

I was 11 years then. Thats not an add though, its my dads sim starter pack. That thing resembles a CD case.

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I bought my SIM in 2004 on offer for Kes250.

Bought mine the same year for 100bob but most shops were selling it for 250bob. It was an offer but most shops refused to honor it.

Unfortunately, the line was stolen alongside my first matunda phone. I never bothered to replace since I had no phone to use. :joy::joy::joy:

Mine too, one year later near country bus it was snatched. Replaced it and still have it.

Country bus :joy: :joy::joy::joy: I miss my high school days

You people are old :rolling_eyes:

I think Im officially old. Naitwa ule Mbaba na some children around home. Wakipiga kelele nitoke nje kuwatimua unaskia, ndiyo ule mbaba anakuja :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

If children think Im old, meeen, Im terribly old


And still classified as a millennial,

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