Taxify Kenya's website is redirecting to Uber Kenya

A Twitter user noticed that Taxify Kenya’s website is redirecting to Uber Kenya’s website which is quite odd.

When you go to KENIC’s domain checker, you will notice that Taxify does not own the website.

Funny enough, subpages on the website like seem to work

Now since the rest of the website is up and running with Taxify content, this could either be someone with access to the control panel and decided to redirect the homepage (sabotage), or someone’s thrown in a script on the index file that redirect users.

Someone put a cheeky 301 redirect on their homepage.

$ curl

  • edit, that’s the raw html
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I tried that Taxify app once but always got the response that there were no drivers available in my area. Its quite odd indeed.

What if Uber aquired Taxify?

Or maybe it’s just sabotage by Uber.


They have more important things to acquire, like a CEO




At this point a taxi acquisition is cheaper than getting a new CEO…

Uber will get through this and emerge stronger…

Those words are lyrics to which song?