Taxify Can Block you for a year for Cancelling a request

This is very interesting, I do know that there is a need to have measures when a user cancels a ride, especially when it looks to inconvenience a driver who is already on their way. But this is ridiculous, that when you cancel more than once on Taxify you can get your account blocked for almost a year as evidenced here.

Well, I think it’s a good measure but it should be implemented after you cancel like 5 rides. Plus I think this will work against Taxify, but for uber, it could be a great way to keep “cancelers” at bay. Well, because Uber is just that popular.

I don’t see what positive that could possibly bring. Blocking a user for a year doesn’t seem in order. Maybe extreme measures for such an act would be a few weeks.

So Taxify does have surge pricing. Who knew?

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