Taiwanese fraudsters caught in Kenya being tried in China

What is the logic for this? Why were they deported to another country instead of the country of origin?
If I go to Uganda then via there move to Nigeria and commit crimes against Uganda, why would I be deported to Uganda instead of to Kenya to be tried there?

I’m referring to the Taiwanese nationals who were caught some time back in Runda, Nairobi running a fraud racket back in China, they have since been shipped to China, and China says they will try them there.


China,Taiwan and Hong Kong relations tend to be more complicated. Taiwan isn’t exactly an independent state, according to China. Although it’s autonomous the Chinese see it as an extension of China(one China). In fact I read somewhere that if Taiwan tried to declare themselves independent, China would invade it.So Kenya doesn’t really recognize Taiwan as an independent state I.e independent from China. Plus these were crimes committed against Chinese citizens.