Sync to Cloud Storage, Why Do People not Consider OneDrive?

Earlier on I was looking at solutions to sync forum backup because it’s not on a managed server, but on an empty box. So I saw solutions for backups remote sync to Dropbox, Syncbase, Google Drive and NextCloud. And I remembered @Mugendi mentioning to me that he built a script in his servers to sync backups to Dropbox.

My question is why OneDrive doesn’t seem to be an option for all those I’ve interacted with, and why these options are considered.

Its only 5GB for the free option google drive is 15GB, and there are other free ptions with upto 100GB

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What he said :slight_smile:

onedrive has its value esp on windows 10,just drag,drop and it just works(syncs) too bad its just 5GB free but keep an eye out for microsoft offerings,over the last 4 years i managed to bump up my free offering from 5GB to 40GB…

Mine are at over 100GB, thanks to owning Samsung Smartphones.

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It could be something in the Microsoft terms of service that makes people to shy off.

If they have the time to read through them

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Hahaha. I wasn’t remembering how much people hate reading legal documents. Companies like Google realize that and today they make EULAs that are just a few pages or even a single page and still people don’t read them. Now they have like one single agreement for almost all their services and still I’m sure people aren’t reading that also.

But I don’t think you should stress about online backups I have 20 Google drive accounts for my CAD files,each for a different category and some as archives,but really at some point the data we backup on Google including photos will one day be Google property, I have not read T&Cs but Google will have an awful lot of data in a century, all my projects will be up for sale, house plans,BoQs, structural drawings,contracts anyway let’s enjoy the free stuff now

Another benefit of owning a Samsung - especially the note series. Did this stop with the S8/8+ because I didn’t receive either another 100GB or an extension of my existing 100GB for another 2 years.

I use one drive and it’s fantastic. Google is a default for most because it’s what comes bundles with their android phones most of the time so familiarity.

Google Photos is the best so far at managing photos on the cloud so mobile photography enthusiasts should really co sided the KES 2,100 fee to get 100GB.

Dropbox is for specific apps.
Sony cloud is for PlayStation game saves
Amazon is more robust than these small name companies, it’s good enough for CDNs so it would be robust enough for enthusiast file savers

Another great cloud backup platform I use is Mega where I can save like 50 gigs free of charge but I currently only use it for phone modding files like ROMS etc.

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