(Swali) Github Student Dev A/c

Hi Guys,
Does anyone have a github student developer account with all the perks? Would you kindly share your experience?

ref: Github Student Developer Pack (GitHub Student Developer Pack - GitHub Education)

No Access, but it looks very tempting…

@Stiffler254, YES! The cloud and dev tooling on offer are :heart_eyes:

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You can buy some via eBay for around $15, and use up any other services mentioned, rinse and repeat.

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@root, please share a link to buyer you would recommend.

I usually buy them from here, automated delivery

Scroll to the bottom you should find the github pack :grinning:

Currently using github with my student account. On GitHub itself, main benefits are GitHub actions available via pro.

For their partner sites, you could easily get those perks directly from the sites (azure, namecheap ) e.t.c

I think the most significant benefit I got was GitHub actions, Travis Ci and 2 free .me addresses

Thanx @root, :+1:t3: :+1:t3: it’s a cloud candy-store :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Welcome :slight_smile: