Surf Kenya and Hai-Waya experiences

I want to know your experiences using Surf Kenya and Hai-Waya FTTH.

@Krizwech kindly assist on the Surf part…

Once Hai Waya becomes available to more areas, Zuku and even Safaricom’s [email protected] are in trouble. I have used Liquid at the office and hands down, no other network in Kenya can match it. Also I think most Kenyans ISPs transit on Liquid.

Probably the reason Liquid isn’t hasty on B2C, they have many third parties they supply with pipe, that includes those estate WiFi connections with a phone number as the SSID.


I heard they invested many billions in their Kenyan operation. They should be ranking high up there. Do you know anyone who has tried their FTTH though? Customer service? Down time? What about Surf Kenya?

Probably is. Their CEO a certain white guy admitted to this in a clip I watched on YouTube. He flatly said that it wouldn’t make sense to infringe on marked territory. I was thinking to myself. Is this guy crazy? With all the billions spent? I thought elbowing out other players was the whole idea if you have a war chest like they do but this could be why.

Surf Kenya is horrible, you can only browse albeit partially well via operamini on the most basic of search sites like google and wikipedia. Clicking on search link results takes forever. Apps like Instagram and facebook don’t load/refresh at all. Speed test apps ping at 1000+ while others loose connection, i made sure the signal was 100% strong while ding my tests. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE

Well, that looked promising while it lasted. Sad!

Funny they say their internet ‘wows’ on their Facebook page. When I first heard of them, I heard they were working with an American startup. I thought the professionalism over there would be transferred here. Unfortunate.

Very sad to hear this. I’ll be visiting Rongai soon. I’ll have to try it out for myself.

thats an interesting insight

I had thought about trying them since I moved to place where I don’t expect zuku,faiba or safaricom anytime soon , but since I am not a heavy data user I settled on orange dual play, I got the wifi modem for 9k with 20gb data, then I pay or rather subscribe for 4k a month for 50gb at full speed around 15mbps and 1mbps after you hit that mark, I am really happy with that plus I have never come close to using up the 50gb to know how low the capped speeds are, no downtime decent speeds, defensively better than zuku which i was using before i moved or faiba which we use at the office.

No-one has pointed you the direction of video on demand yet? Because we all start where you are. Then wants become needs. And people can have needs! Ask @Dree_Alexander