SURF - ExpressWiFi by Facebook

Came across this wifi signal in Rongai area, a very strong signal in the area. Anyone know anything about it?


This is the child to Facebook’s Free Basics. An interesting and controversial project.

Looks like they are already here. We had an interview with Zuckerberg and his team when he was around.

There is also Express wifi which has recently launched in India and Nigeria, where Facebook partners with internet service providers to offer cheap internet in different places. Others include partnerships with telcos as well as satellites that provide backhaul infrastructure to these areas. We sought to know if Express Wi-Fi will launch in Nairobi soon enough “I cannot comment on that but if Kenya is a good fit, we shall definitely consider offering to launch it here”, he said.

We have some information that could be useful to you. Right here

Also, thanks for the heads-up :+1:

Hmm interesting, will definitely check on the speeds when i connect to it again

Speed test apps cant even connect to it, some try by pinging at 1000+ then give up at the download test stage. The network definitely needs some work

It seems SURF - EXPRESSWIFI by Facebook have improved on their speeds

This is in Ongata Rongai Area

This is a great thing, they did the official launch yesterday, wouldn’t have been a nice thing to launch with bad speeds. I hope that the new speeds stay, and are not for the launch day PR.

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Interesting, but I doubt Kenyans will buy the bundles, they are more expensive than Airtel or Orange offerings with the disadvantage of limited coverage ie few feet, instead of buying the 3gb at 500 why not get 2gb from orange twice that’s 4g for 500

Surf - ExpressWifi by Facebook is a co-partnership between Surf Kenya and Facebook. Surf Kenya has existed for almost 3 years now but their coverage is almost non-existent. Services are very cheap but remember once you out of the hotspot finding one is not an easy task.

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not bad., they should bring this to Rongai given that ExpressWiFi has been here. Problem with ExpressWiFi is that it’s only available along the main road and really you can’t spend your whole day along the tarmac just to enjoy using WiFi on your phone when you can access the same WiFi, UNLIMITED, on a range of devices in your house. Now that Safaricom Fiber is also in Rongai this would be great competition

Those Surf @ Home prices are crazy. I wonder how the actual speed is.

A friend who stays at Eastlands once tried. He told me it was awful (2015), Probably you should try checking their facebook page and see what the people have to say

I will do that