Suggestions for Fast Wordpress + Woocommerce Hosting

Greeting Wadau,
I’ve been building an ecommerce using wordpress and woocommerce which is currenly hosted on Hostgator. It might have been affordable but #LetMeTellYouMaina, the speeds are terrible! It takes more than 15 seconds to load a page. I’ve tried everything online from using CDNs, Caching, Shrinking images to disabling plugins only to have a slow website. Even when my website was simply a wordpress landing page without woocommerce or any functionality, it still used to load slow.

Hence or otherwise, I had season to suspect that it’s Hostgator that’s the limiting factor to my speeds. Doing a quick Google seach about them validated my thoughts. I need to switch.

I’ve come here knowing that there are many web devs here who have experience setting up such websites and need to know what hosting you guys used. I’ve been looking into Siteground and DigitalOcean but haven’t taken any action yet. Kindly help me out peeps.

Note: I’ve gone through previous topics on this website and found a few sensible answers but I need more info.

Check Hetzner

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I use lightsail (AWS) with the wordpress package. It should be easy to set up (15mins) for someone transitioning from Cpanel. Currently on the 5$ month tier , about $60 per year.
They also a have a cheaper one at $3.50 /month.

Speeds are really good, since its your won dedicated server

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Thanks for the response. Which package would you suggest for a woocommerce site?

Thanks for the response. I’ll look into it. $60 per year isn’t so bad if the speeds are better.

I can also vouch for this or Digital ocean/AWS lightsail/Linode/Vultr. Any company that offers you a good virtual private server. Test out with a 1GB RAM VPS. You can then upgrade later depending on how much resource your application requires.

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It’s already been mentioned above. Lightsail is a pretty good option. I have a couple of sites on there.

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Apologies for being late …

I would recommend these guys especially for #Wordpress hosting apart from #Wordrpress themselves as they patch/update plugins and PHP itself for you …elsewhere you have to have to be on your toes and do it yourself. I really don’t like the way #Wordpress has so many bugs and is exploited so quickly … I see they are using #Cloudflare’s PoPs(Points of Presence) aka their CDNs for caching

A word of caution on #AWS is that you need to look at costs closely …you are not charged for ingress but egress of network traffic. Then also the region you spin your VM will be important for latency. Also issues of scalability may arise and #loadbalancers may come into play … Maybe complex but integrate S3 to deploy static assets with CloudFront at the edge and have your back-end in an #EC2 with traffic travelling in #AWSes internal network …hence faster and a global presence? Details and architectural ideas here in #AWSes series of blogposts and best practices reference architecture whitepaper

I have always felt #AWSes Lightsail service is like an entry offering with plans to push you to EC2 VMs or their #container and #serverless technologies …


Thank you for the detailed response @Adrian_Teri !
I’ll look into your recommendations for AWS. I have purchased a one month Contabo VPS for trial purposes. I’ll give the AWS suggestion a shot next and compare the results. So far, using VPS has noticably improved load times (save for initial response time).
(In addition I used other Wordpress plugins to compress my images and minify JS & CSS files but the main difference came from switching servers.)

@bhattkishan9 You can sign up for AWS Free Tier. You’ll need a credit card to verify you’re not a bot … ~ 1 USD will be debited to #AWS and back to your account …

You get 12 months to tinker around …maybe challenge yourself to documenting the diff (complexity, performance, cost, scalability, reliability, security etc.) between running on a VPS vs AWS …

If you are going full steam ahead create budgets How to control your AWS costs with the Free Tier and Budgets | AWS && Is the AWS Free Tier really free? - Last Week in AWS && don’t forget to create an IAM user, lock and protect your root user Security best practices in IAM - AWS Identity and Access Management

Screenshot from 2021-05-01 23-20-38

@martingicheru Nice new features …I see links are automatically titled :ok_hand:t5:


#SiteGround is saying no to new customers? …#DigitalOcean and #Heroku next? Mass migration/Fleeing incoming. I don’t think companies think passing taxes to customers by raising their prices(maintaining their margin) to be viable

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Signed up!
They didn’t refund the $1 but it doesn’t matter since its like getting 12 months for peanuts :joy:.
And Thanks for these resources! :muscle: I’ll definitely check them out.

This happens just weeks after Twitter picks Ghana over Kenya for its African HQ. :man_facepalming: :joy:

I remember doing one for an individual last year in Nov and got back the $1 …maybe things have changed or your using a prepaid card? Anyway, a good opportunity to interact with customer support.

For AWS customers, the temporary authorization charge is 1.00 USD. AWS doesn’t proceed with the charge, and the charge should disappear within three to five business days. The authorization charges for prepaid credit cards might vary.

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I never got my refund as well. That was in late 2018 there

Anyways, I use Contabo. Have a server in USA, Germany, Singapore, all hooked up to Cloudflare for speed and high availability.

But the biggest problem with WooCommerce sites is lengthy Ajax calls that slow down the site. These are a headache even to developers.

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Site Ground, Blue Host, WP Engine, Liquid Web are some of the options you can have a look at too.

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These are fraudsters. Charge highly to pay affiliates and fund their aggressive marketing campaigns.

I will suggest getting

  1. Contabo
  2. NetCup EU
  3. Hetzner