Streaming Local Channels on Kodi

Hey guys. Just wondering whether any smart chap on here can take time out of their busy schedule making yet another Mpesa substitute app :slight_smile: and know how you may stream local channels on Kodi.

I’m thinking (as an IT illiterate) if Kenyamoja already have the streaming ip, why not feed them to Kodi?

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It’s possible but the costs will be high. Buying capture cards. Getting reliable upload bandwidth which you need 3mbps for SD and 8Mbps for 720p , PER CHANNEL and oh the server you will serve them from. Not worth it, because Kenyans will want it for FREE.

I agree with BoazKE,Online streaming of local TV on Kodi is not a worthwhile venture as it is costly and may be illegal or in breach of local copyright regulations.Its just too risky and expensive while the user numbers will be few and they want free access so it will be difficult to monetize or recoup the cost let alone make any decent money.If you want to stream local tv,you can access their live channels on youtube or their respective websites.