Streamed music on PSVs and copyright

How would the copyright agencies handle a case of music streamed on a PSV or any public space? My understanding is that they have a fee if you have a music player with music from a local device. I may be wrong, how would it be handled? Would they still require a license if you streamed music from the cloud? I mean, for that you don’t need to have purchased music.

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Do they even know what music streaming services are?

Hehe good point but I think it’s an interesting question for the future

regulation and enforcement of this would be difficult and i am doubtful guys like MCSK have the capacity or foresight to deal with new trends

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As I understand it, the licence is for ‘public performance’ – ie. if it is for the benefit of random public ‘listeners’ – in the same way as bars and restaurants.

I guess the ma3 crew could always claim it’s for their own benefit (which mostly it is! :wink: ).

It’s the sounds (music - hah!) which is licenced, not the method of reproduction, or source.