Storage running out - Contacts taking 17.22GB

I received a notification claiming i was running out of space yet last i checked i had over 20GB of free space. After inspecting I found that contacts was taking an unusual 17.22GB as you can see from the attached screenshot. I can’t do a lot with the phone now.

I’ve tried Googling but there seems to be no definite answer that solves my problem.
Dialing *#9900# and deleting log cat data doesn’t solve it either.

I really don’t want to factory reset unless that’s the only solution .


Just backup your contacts from the contacts app and save the .vcf file in your memory card or upload to a cloud storage then clear the contact app’s data. Or clear the data and sync from your Google account. Remember to clear cache and restart after doing so. Then tell us what transpires.

Is it possible for contacts to be this huge?

I cleared everything and manually saved the contacts that mattered from WhatsApp conversations, messages and call log. Everything is fine now.


There is no way. It was even increasing when i created space elsewhere.

Probably a serious bug.