Stop Safaricom Promotional SMS is fake

I’ve tried to stop Safaricoms Promotional SMS numerous times through their USSD *100 *3 *10 *1# but to no avail. Does the option even work? Or is Safaricoms meaning of Promotional Text different from mine, someone please elaborate, what are these called? :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Block the darn things with Truecaller or any other SMS app with a spam blocker.

This is true… Their Promo SMS are not only useless but Aggravating. Their method does not work and one has to tell customer care to disable each promo thread individually i.e. ‘LIPA na MPESA’ is disabled with a different request than the ‘Browse For less than 75 cents’ promo message (ask them to disable all your promo messages at once and they’ll only disable the last one that was sent to you)

How do they have so much time to launch copy cat services when their core offerings don’t even work properly?

I gave up on blocking those promotional SMSs. Plus, I think according to Safaricom, “Promotional” are those that come from third parties, i.e. When Dominos texts you to inform you of a Pizza deal, yet you never signed up for such.

But still, th blocking doesn’t work for those as well.