Stima Calculator for KPLC [Feedback Welcomed]


I recently released a new app - Stima Calculator for KPLC.

Stima Calculator helps you instantly calculate the number of tokens/units you will receive before purchase.

For postpaid customers, the app can help you estimate your monthly Kenya Power electricity bill.

The app uses the same rates and formula used by KPLC.


It is currently available on Google Play. (Poleni iOS users)

I would greatly appreciate it if you could check it out and give me your feedback & suggestions for new features. Also, feel free to leave a review if you found it useful.

Thank you for your time.


Not a review/feedback etc… But found an interesting project today on #Twitter that scrapes(well for now manually input data from PDFs) scheduled outages. Maybe a new view/screen for your app if an #API is established? Or you could just consume the Google sheet that’s public?

#Twitter →
G Sheet → kplc_outages - Google Sheets

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I actually wanted to include this but ran into the same problems.

Manually input.

That PDF is atrociously structured. Couldn’t convert to CSV with existing converters.

It took me about 45min and since the data changes once a week, didn’t seem worth it to code a solution right now.

Link to tweet.

The PDFs lack any structure. If it had tables, you could convert it to a more usable format like CSV.

Manual input might work for now but it might not be sustainable in the long run. (45 minutes x 52 weeks is 39 hours per year)

The tweet author said they intend on open sourcing the data eventually. Hopefully by then there will be more contributors updating the data regularly and I can confidently use it.

Anyway, I have been exploring how I can crowdsource some of this data.

The idea is to have a user report an outage in their area (This should ideally accept submitting scheduled outages too). Once a set threshold is reached, the app can notify users in that area.

At the moment, this is not feasible since it requires a substantial number of users for it to be useful.

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What is atrocious is that it feels like it’s just a mechanism to withhold transparency …It’s not just them but also KNBStats. Reports with illustrations, tables and lists of figures are good but there must be a source you used to create them. Why not release the data in machine readable formats? Reasonable reuse and mixing of this info just dies with the document!

Do you access the listed price charges from an #api or do have to manually update them?


It is all manual. To make things worse, this information is not available on their website. You have to get it from the Kenya Gazette.

Luckily, the charges are updated on a monthly basis.

Remember when KNBS couldn’t share boundary data with IEBC…

We love operating in secrecy. My data is mine and mine alone …

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I have the app will share a complete review/feedback in the coming week.


Simple but great app. I will be using it regularly.

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