Staying fit while working from home

Bring on your routines, the sustainable ones and the ones that work for you, including any hardware like desks, chairs and gadgets that you use to stay on top of your health.

We need to encourage each other to stay fit.

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No Hardware really. Just Samsung Health Fitness Exercises…

Skipping rope for starters

Mine, for the last at least 4 months has involved 30 minutes aerobics (Found a Youtube video I play on TV for that), I also record my activity on a Huawei watch (steps, hours a day active, sleep tracking, reminders to stretch after sitting too long), stretches and giving self foot rubs.

These have been helpful to bring more consistency especially when I realized I can’t sustain regular walks.

I bought an exercise bike and I’m walking a lot nowadays. I don’t mean to take the topic in a different direction but has anyone experienced migraines after an intense exercise? I never used to get them but last week i kept getting them and had to stop.

The issue could be " how intense" don’t push your body too much plus do you hydrate enough prior and after HIT. If not please take some long rests. Again drink more water i hope it helps… let us know

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The thing is I was doing the same intense exercise before…like a week before(I had been doing it for like two months, three sessions a day - lost a lot weight)…took a few days off…got back to my routine and in the first day of getting back to it, I was okay(my legs and lungs hurt but that was normal when getting back from a break). The second day i tried it but got a serious migraine when i was about to finish…I tried again but the migraine came after a few minutes in so I had to stop.

See a doctor. All we can do is speculate

That’s what I’ll do…

If you ask me, the place where I work have laptops given to all its work force. So, I happen to have a separate room where I work. Got a desk and chair made that has perfect ergonomics, so that I have perfect posture and dont get tired. Also, before starting the day I make sure that I take lots of protein in the morning and then go out for a jog lasting for 20-25 mins. This is how I begin my day except the weekends :stuck_out_tongue:

@martingicheru, let’s not forget about our mental wellness as part of our health regiment.
There are great meditation apps out there like Headspace, Calm and Insightimer. Calm is a daily driver for me and I’ve also been using MindValley at work during breaks. They have free meditation tracks Mindvalley's Top 6 Meditation Tracks :wink: :wink:

Hope that helps