Status for WhatsApp

Anyone of you already got Status for WhatsApp yet? Someone last evening reported to already have it.

Oh, I’ve seen it on mine as well.

Got it as well…early this morning.

Got it,just saw a few status updates…looks more like instagram stories

yeap… very similar to insta

I find the status tab on WhatsApp very useless i don’t even use it but thank God got the old Status as about in my beta version

I thought I was the only one who dislikes and hasn’t used Status on WhatsApp yet?

trust me,you are not alone…i have not used it also

Never used it either. It seems like a useless gimmick.

Those Stories are the future of social media. You may not use them - in fact, you may never even like them but they’ll be an eyesore in all social media apps you visit, soon. Facebook, which commands the lion’s share of social media users has Stories in tow. It is only a matter of time before Twitter catches up with ‘civilization’ and the dots will connect themselves.
All in all, I’m trying to understand the obsession that the business model of social media companies has with video.

In light of this, I think stories would work super great on Twitter.

They should have Kindle stories as well.



They Would Also Be Great On Telegram Channels

It’s easier for people to engage with compared to text. That’s why YouTube is more popular than Blogger. People are lazy. No offense.

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