Starlink Internet in Kenya in 2022

Anyone heard about possible launch of Starlink Internet Service in Kenya in 2022?

2023 for my rural home where this service would make more sense as compared to town areas. It would also make sense to wait for them to have approval to operate in Kenya.

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I believe the service is meant for mainly rural areas with no probable likelihood of fibre reaching them.

If one can cost-share with someone else @ 5K each, then you will see how feasible it is. Plus, at speeds of upto 210 Mbps, both of you will enjoy good speeds

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True. However the tough conditions that will be set by our CA just to frustrate them :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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I don’t think they need CA’s approval unless their low-flying satellites have to hover over Kenya’s airspace . And may be ground antennas.

Approval will be necessary to offer Internet Services within Kenya…

I don’t think so.

How many are accessing satellite television from providers that are not approved by CAK. Bein Sports is a good example.

There so many Chinese and Arabic satellite receivers on the market. Most Samsung TVs now have a satellite receiver to access such channels.

Kule marginalized areas found some organization using Thuraya Satellite phones.

If they officially set up a business or equipment, they’ll need approval.

Ooh, there was a Kenyatta University lecturer that was featured in the news years ago.

He provided satellite internet installation services to people. He claimed since signal is received via satellite, installing it on your premise required no approvals.

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I think its too expensive and price could be an issue, no?

Bein Sports do no have rights to broadcast sports in Sub-Saharan Africa. Good example is the routine swoops to catch those showing Premier League

CA have mandate to register all internet providers in Kenya whether terrestrial or OTA. Starlink launch their satellites per region once the receive approvals for the territories covered

I think if you see it as a per user cost it is indeed expensive, however if you are sharing with two or more guys in your neighbourhood, it becomes feasible. Plus, the speed is adequate to share as Zuku, Safaricom share far more than that yet charge more per user