SSD Crashing abruptly

Anyone know why an SSD would simply crash? Mine failed out of nowhere when I was going about my daily usage. It cost me an arm and a leg because I had not backed up so much important data (I had a little faith in my machine) and I also had to replace the SSD. What I keep wondering is why it would just fail even without warning.

Maybe it was an SSD of poor quality.Also kind reminder to embrace cloud backups,I recommend SSDs from Japanese and South Korean brands like SK Hynix,Samsung,Sharp and Toshiba.

Wueh! That’s a tough one to deal with. Most people by default trust that data on their computer is theirs forever. I have learnt the hard way in this age of theft not to keep the most important things on hard drive without backup. I store on cloud folder for sync by default nowadays.

what was the brand, flash (mlc/tlc/qlc), and capacity? age?

It was the original SSD in a Dell XPS, SK Hynix. But I replaced it with a Samsung one.

Well I had that small faith in the machine. But now I am using Google Drive Sync and OneDrive for all my important work. Leaving nothing to chance. Funny thing is that the failed SSD worked again for like a minute while I was with the Data Recovery guy and instead of copying the data I just went on browsing on the internet and it failed kabisa sasa. I still remember the feeling of disappointment I got. BACK UP YOUR DATA PEOPLE.

I think It has had about 2.5 years of use. A 1Tb m.2 SK hynix

It’s weird that an SSD failed so early… If you bought it new then am certain it’s not about overcapacity, considering it might be TLC. I would attribute it’s failure to probably bad batch, or motherboard issues.

I was reading somewhere guys discrediting crucial SSDs… only those ones have reports of crashing.