Spotify Subscription

i never pay for spotify my friend,i have a spotify free account linked to my facebook account.I set it up using a vpn connection initially like 4 years ago.Right now,i have the Spotify windows app running on my laptop in my home network,that laptop is on a free vpn connection by windscribe,that gives me 15GB free every month to connect to a number of nodes in the US.The spotify windows app runs 24/7 on it and since the device is on my wifi network,every other spotify app including the ones on my phone,computers,PS4 and smart tv’s can tap easily tap into that spotify app via spotify connect without a vpn connection or worrying about data caps thus i can change where my playlist plays whether its my living room,kitchen or bedroom.


I use Spotify on both my laptop and phone. I just signed in once using Psiphon Pro and that’s it, no need for a VPN again. I have a playlist of over 2k songs on Spotify hence I find it more convenient accessing it there. But of course I don’t pay :joy:

You only signed in once with a VPN and never again. How is that possible…I thought there is a period (2 Weeks) within which you can use the free Spotify abroad.

Beyond the 2 Weeks it Georestricts. How then do you manage to keep using the free Version without regular use of VPN

Not experienced any geo-restriction at all, though when I clean my phone cache using Files Go by Google I have to use the VPN again to login or else I’ll get the “Spotify is not available in your country” error again.
I last updated it via an apk download, never gotten any geo-restriction in the months that I’ve been using it

What Phone are you using… Is it rooted… Is the Spotify app from the Playstore or those Unlocked…

Samsung Galaxy A10s. Spotify apk download from or On my laptop it’s just the normal Spotify exe setup file installation, no need for an unlocked version.

Forgot to respond to this. Someone has Spotify family and added me, so I pay my 400 bob monthly to them.

Whaaaaat, you people pay for Spotify ??? That’s ridiculous

How do you do it…

:joy::joy::joy: One thing you should know is that if someone wasn’t paying for one you wouldn’t be able to use it :smirk:


Spotify Premium is worth it especially kama ni 400 tu.