Sportpesa Threatening Dormant Account Holders

So now Sportpesa is sending people text messages for not using their site. But the way they framed the text looks more like a threat.

I understand nowadays some websites do not allow you to delete your account and this is the case with Sportpesa. Many of them instead sell user information or incorporate user information into their business practices.

Reaching out to their customer care on the matter they said in order to delete your sportpesa account, you have to send an email requesting for account deactivation to [email protected]. A very long route if you ask me.

Most business try to retain their lost customers by being humble and caring, but seems like a threat and I dont think it will work out for them. Usually, businesses try to identify the root cause for the churn and then provide incentives for the people to do business. But they i tell you are rude when it comes to retention.