South Korea Govt Denies Google use of Map Data

This is interesting, as much as the South Korea government denying Google the use of map data is directly tied to the rivalry with North Korea and the need to hide important government facilities from being stricken, any country would need to have this data private.

In Kenya you can basically see updated photos of state house, defence headquarters among other facilities which need to be blurred. Why aren’t we as protective of our data?

The two Koreas are officially still at war which explains the government paranoia.

On the other hand obscurity should never be considered a form of security because a determined attacker will always find a way in. The Americans know this which is why you can view clear satellite images of sensitive areas like The White House, Camp David and Groom Lake aka Area 51.

Someone brought out a part that I’d overlooked earlier

Its simple,the Govt of Kenya doesnt care about this…or they dont see the importance of having its sensitive installations and facilities blanked out by mapping services

This is very interesting, considering we have a former Googler at the helm of ICT ministry.

He probably hasn’t thought of this…