Soundcore life dot 3i /soundcore life a3i review

10 mm drivers
Support app and EQ
Playtime 9hours without ANC 6hours with ANC.
Light weight and comfortable.

My Review

  1. Sound quality
    Out of the box it has good bass, neutral mids and the highs are not piercing like other earbuds. To change EQ settings download the anker soundcore support app. It has 22 EQ settings. My favourite is the default soundcore signature, the others have little bass, too much bass or pierce the ears a lot. I’ll give it 9/10. It has way better sound quality than Samsung galaxy buds live which was 17k at the time it was launched in the country, the soundcore is 8,200.
  2. Comfort. I can wear the buds for 4 hours without feeling exhausted. They are lightweight you won’t feel a thing on your ears.
  3. ANC
    ON the support app you can choose ANC modes: noise isolation, transparency mode and normal.
    Noise isolation blocks out the subwoofer bass of sounbars but you can still hear some muffled vocals. It reduces the loudness of people talking around you. It cancels vehicle engine sound and jet engine of aircraft flying above you if you live near an airport.
    I’ll give soundcore life a3i 8.5 out of 10. Only the noise cancellation needs a little improvement, for a ksh 8,200 it’s perfect