Sony Xperia Z5 or Huawei P9

Which one between the Sony Xperia Z5(The last Z) and the Huawei P9 is better? The Z5 is cheaper at 34k while the P9 is 41k.

Dude, the Z5 is an older flagship and was plagued with overheating issues because of a design flaw of the Snapdragon 810. I would most definitely buy the P9 which is a heck of a lot more powerful than the Z5. The performance of the Z5 pales in comparison to the P9. A worthy competitor to the P9 is Sony Xperia XZ but it’s a lot more expensive.

It’s actually 37K at Diamond plaza and comes with a free case. Screen protector will be 1K leaving you with 2K for airtime - UnlimiNET maybe - and 1K for Uber

P9 is even better than the P10 - repeated cases of crashing and returned units to vendors. It was suspicious that no review units were made available to relevant bloggers or enthusiasts.

Thank you guys. Let’s remove the Z5 and replace it with the Samsung Galaxy s6-32GB for 40k.

You might want to lean more towards Samsung as the support for Samsung in Kenya is better than that of Huawei and Sony.

Sony, I agree, support sucks.

Huawei, have great support. They have an official service center along Moi Avenue and they do honor (no pan) warranties.

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Honestly, it depends on what you want in a phone. I would suggest getting the P9 already.

The S6 wasn’t that much of a good device and both Samsung and Huawei suck when it comes to software, so you aren’t losing much from that.


True, but you’ve got more engineers working behind Samsung which means that security updates etc. are delivered faster and the updates are more reliable.

Also, if you are willing to spend 40k on a device, the LG V10 is a bit old but still better than the P9 according to me.

Other alternatives are the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

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With that information I can make a decision on which phone to buy. Thank you guys.

I’d still go for the P9 because of its picture quality. Check out this review…

Performance wise the P9 beats the S6 partly because it has a FHD screen while the S6 has a 2K screen which is unnecessary IMO. Note that the P9 SoC, being a newer generation, can handle the 2K screen of the S6 better than the S6 itself but Huawei correctly determined that a FHD screen is quite enough (better for processing power to be spent on more important things.) I also dislike touchWiz UI on the S6 edge. I think it is just another unnecessary weight on the SoC that doesn’t add much to user experience.

I’m just wondering… Are these security updates actually beneficial to ordinary consumers? Tech companies keep saying that you must keep your phone’s security up to date but what actual benefits do we get from them? I think less than 5% of users actually need these updates and that includes security agencies like the FBI. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Well, you’re right but it feels nice to know that your phone is ‘secure’ even if a company makes no change in an update.

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I’d go for P9 or lg G5. G5 is guaranteed software updates following on lg’s history of updates but its let down by design last year i had an option to buy the G5 but had to forgo it due to poor reviews. P9 is good in camera according to reviews but Huawei is poor on software delivery i wud recommend you to buy zte axon 7 at 41k from avechi or just add a little 2k and get the beast oneplus 3T something that’ll last in every aspect be it software or the hardware