Sony hometheatre vs Jbl 5.1

Hello guys, I want to buy my first proper sound system with a budget of between 45 - 60K and am torn in between buying a Sony hometheatre preferably e6100 and the Jbl 5.1. Which has the better Bass and overall sound performance ?

Consider Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1, not a true audiophile stuff but is better than that soundbar and Sony HTIB. Costs around 55k locally. Hii itakufanya you feel the urge to buy stuff like SVS subwoofer and JBL HiFi speakers (for example, many options out there) very soon :smile:. Familiarize yourself with that system kwanza ujue vile AVRs operate.

If you don’t want to venture too deep into HiFi or have FOMO for the latest stuff, that Sony HTIB will be just fine. The normal JBL 5.1 is also great but if you want a powerful soundbar for movies, JBL Bar 9.1 (technically 5.1.4) will be your best option but at a “premium.”

If you buy the Sony, make sure you feed it good stuff. I think it has HDMI ARC and supports lossless audio like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. Otherwise kama you watch movie za stereo just buy Von subwoofer (ile iko na 200 Watts 10" sub, utangurumisha ploti proper :joy: :joy:)

EDIT: Remember that when HTIBs like Sony are rated “1000 Watts” it means that this power is subdivided to all speakers including the subwoofer. In E6100, the sub is rated at 250Watts while the rest goes to speakers. On JBL 5.1, subwoofer is rated at 300 Watts. Onkyo subwoofer outputs 130Watts. Only JBL has 10" cone. Sony sijui kama ni 7 ama 8. Conversely, only Onkyo can hit decent 30Hz on frequency response, albeit at lower SPL than the other competitors

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From your recommendation, the Sony HTIB sounds like something to try out since I dont know so much about the Onkyo and also where to buy it, it sounds so new to me and the von subwoofer doesn’t sound so interesting :sweat_smile:…thanks for the responce

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:joy: :joy: :joy: I understand. I wish I didn’t know what I know about HiFi because now I’m planning to sacrifice several “plots” in the future to get to my destination :joy:. I wish I could just be happy with a HTIB and life moves on. Sasa even with my relatively “powerful” system (compared to HTIBs), bado I drool over products from JTR, Rythmik, Anthem, B&W, etc. Hizo zao before you assemble a complete system umelaza milioni :rofl:. Sony itanguruma tu decently for your current needs (JBL itanguruma more ju ni 10").

Well, Sorry to you for all that knowledge :sweat_smile:…Anyway I have seen some seller online selling the Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1at 55k and I’ve thought of giving it a try…you’re saying I should really give it a try rather than going for the sony or Jbl 5.1

Considering your needs, I would go with JBL or Sony. Why? Onkyo will not wow you with bass (i know everyone loves gobs of bass SPL). Onkyo’s benefit is just the features it offers with its receiver and clarity of overall sound. But since wewe you are new to all this, go with the one that is just plug-and-play and will offer you good bass.

Ukitaka earth-shattering bass kwa products similar to Onkyo, you will need to spend about 130k… 60K ikue ya subwoofer pekee :joy: that has around 12" driver and over 300 Watts of power. Kama uko na hio pesa I can tell you what to buy exactly.

I’m not planning on spending over 130k kwa system atleast not yet :sweat_smile:…I’ll get to you nkifika hiyo league…Thanks for your insights ,the JBL seems like the better option coz of more Bass compared to the sony hometheatre

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If you want bass, go with JBL 5.1. I know someone with the 3.1 soundbar and the bass is insane (It is borderline unbearable at max bass level).

In fact, ingia YouTube right now and search for ‘JBL 5.1 Bass Test’

You will be blown away if you have a decent set of headphones.

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So true. When you go down the rabbit hole it can be so expensive. But then good sound is worth it…

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I read somewhere not long ago that onkyo is closing shop so wouldn’t recommend .

Not yet, it’s coming back full force this year with AVRs equipped with Dirac. Might turn things around for good. Also, if a company goes bankrupt it doesn’t mean its previous products stop functioning.