Something you should probably know about Uber tracking

You may want to turn off that location right after ending your trip on Uber

These apps and trying to use our locations for their benefit.

They should give me a free ride if I leave my location on.

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Dream on mr. Peabody.

you see google tracking even with location disabled,who knows if these features really work as stated.

Google tracking without GPS or mobile networks uses Wi-Fi. It scans for Wi-Fi networks in the background and uses their location data (yes, Wi-Fi networks have embedded location data unless you prevent them from sending it during setting up the network which is a cumbersome process). Google background Wi-Fi scanning uses this data to figure out your approximate location.

Uber tracking might use a combination of GPS, mobile networks, and Wi-Fi scanning but as far as I know, only Google apps appear to have the ability to turn on background Wi-Fi scanning and show a clear dialog similar to this. Only thing is that when you turn GPS off, background Wi-Fi scanning remains on. It’s part of Google location service.

No, WIFI doesn’t have any location data. Instead, Google and others use users’ devices which have both GPS and WIFI enabled to infer locations, building up their own db. See e.g.

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Good to know, Thanks for the correction. I thought I saw somewhere that WiFi networks have some positioning data. Maybe I read wrong.