Solar water heating: Why your electricity will still go high

Recently I got a request for a client that they needed to install an solar power system to replace mains supply because the cost had gone up over the last three months.

I insisted on logging the load profile. Partly because I wanted to see how the load profile is as well as testing my IOT enabled power meter.

So it had come to be noted that the power consumption had tripped yet they had not installed any new equipment in the house.
On installing the power logger, after some time I noted some spikes in power consumption at wired hours checkout the video for further details
Do you think these users of solar water heating are aware of what cost their hot water

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Goodness, and the way I wanted to purchase and install that solar heater for the house i’m building. I didn’t know solar heaters switch back to electricity when there is no sunlight I thought it was strictly solar. Is there a way of restricting it to use solar without switching to electricity? If there is no solar mtu ajipange na maji baridi tu, instant hot water shower heads are the way to go.

Substituting the bulk water heater with a instant water shower will solve this problem. The problem with the local installers is that they do not do a proper assessment of how power is being used by these devices. The long term cost of running this system is very high.

Most solar heaters are a scam, a client installed one and his bill actually went up, we asked the solar guys and the electricians who told us that all the solar does is “kutoa baridi kwa maji” to get the water hot the system is connected to the mains, this for me defeats the whole purpose of solar, we rewired the normal insulated hot water electric tanks and the bills came down luckily the client got full refund.
NB I read there are different types of solar heaters, solar guys need to be more open, even for lighting and other uses solar is shit compared to mains price wise, installation and even reliability.

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The electrical part is optional. We have solar water heating upcountry and decided not to install the electrical heating component. Bills went down and hot water is available all day in the showers, kitchen and other sinks. Instant hot showers are installed for those rainy days and early mornings.

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