Software update on carrier-locked smartphone

Would it be a delay in a software update on a non-Carrier locked smartphone and carrier locked smartphone? recently, I received the latest Software update on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone where my friend didn’t receive it yet. He’s using the same smartphone with a carried-locked with a subscription plan. Is it possible if the same device manufacturer is sending the firmware updates?

Assuming the carrier is a US telecom and your friend is in Kenya, they will not get a software update on their carrier-locked device. Updates are usually pushed region-wise via local carriers. Also, Samsung sometimes has specific model of handsets for specific regions and this means updates for a specific model can be available only in a certain geographical location under local carriers.
That said, the other alternative to get updates is to manually download the official versions and install them via PC software.

If it’s a Samsung, get the firmware from sites like SamMobile for your region, or simply check the firmware build number on your phone and download that build from SamMobile then use ODIN to manually write the update. US devices from carriers like AT&T, Verizon get their updates from the carrier, not necessarily from the OEM.

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