Software for unlocking locked channels on Digital TVs and Decoders

It’s a lazy Monday evening and i decide to scroll down Twitter only to come across a Tweet that gets my attention.

Is this even possible ama its just a scam, and suppose it were true, how does the guy upload the software to your TV. Does it mean he has to physically come to your house and install it for you (i’m assuming the alleged software is in a flashdisk ready to be installed via USB port) or does he just send you the software via email for you to install yourself after you send the money. If it’s the second option then it’s a definite scam. Anyone with any intel on this please enlighten us.

Here’s an idea, be an investigative journalist and take one for the team. Call the number and follow the process. Set up an mchanga account if the bill is too high.


Well i have my reservations calling a person that calls himself “ethical hacker” with a black avatar profile picture (should’ve been white imo) and does the total opposite of what his name handle suggests. Wacha tuskie maoni ya wananchi walio pitia kwake

Internet Key Sharing is one way to do it. Not new. Edit: A know some guys who used to do it. It could also be a scam. So be careful.