Software Developer Wins 31 Million Sportpesa Mega Jackpot

So guyz in the office were ecstatic to hear a Software Developer had won the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot. “Well atleast someone in the ICT fraternity has won the big one”, one could be heard saying. Others during tea break discussed the possibility of the guy developing a software that did the analysis for him while others who had quit betting a long time ago could be seen analysing games of the next mega jackpot on their phones and/or laptops

Sportpesas facebook page also wasn’t spared with some joking on the software developing idea.

So for the bettors and non bettors on Techweez Forum, are you more motivated now that a person closer home (ICT family) has managed to bag the big one? Is there such a thing as software developed to analyse and predict game outcomes that really works? What is the biggest amount of money you’ve ever won on betting. Is betting just a waste of time and money? Besides, they say the house always wins, but most bettors will ignore this statement and continue betting irregardless.

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There is one thing I always tell myself about betting and promotions; the winner may be random, but the profile of the winner isn’t.

Thats why you will hear a winner from Githurai, then another from Eldoret, then Kisumu. The data these companies work with ensure they get a certain kind of winner to build trust among target group is massive, sometimes bought. Next time it will be a fisherman or a pastoralist.


What @martingicheru is trying to say (cuz I know you know betting on football depends on you, unlike “tuma 50” to lotto) is that, the sports betting companies may “create” winners in different locations of the country to lure more gamblers :joy: .

Anyways, @Krizwech unless you hack the systems, it is almost impossible to correctly predict matches using a software.

You can combine statistics and general knowledge, but as long as its humans who play football, betting companies will continue to pocket billions every year while rewarding few millions to lucky winners. Emphasis on LUCK

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Absolutely yes. No explanations!

betting is a waste of time and money…

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Well… Is there a possibility that he used machine learning to get a good enough bet?