Social media blocking; use of VPNs is short lived

As is happening in Uganda where the govt is blocking social media by asking ISPs to filter traffic using layer 7 devices such as Allot Net enforcer, Sandvine and blue coat. There is increasing evidence that these devices can now decrypt VPNs using advanced mathematics and see what’s in them and proceed to block it, Kenyans should expect a bigger social media clamp and perhaps total Internet outage on mobile networks and home service providers like Zuku.

The push by European countries to control and minimise encryption on the Internet after the Paris terrorists used encrypted communication means that soon the use of VPNs to escape detection for security or escaping censorship will be impossible if the EU parliament has its way. Anyone with an idea how else a determined user can escape censorship without VPNs?

The simplest way would be to use a browser such as TorBrowser. The only downside is that speeds will be incredibly low.

Even your ISP would not be able to know which sites you visit when using Tor because your HTTP requests are encrypted plus is also hides the identity of the webserver you are connecting to.