Smartwatches/ Fitness trackers

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That watch face seems massive on your hand.


Check here locally

I’m half your size physically na pia camera angle :rofl: :rofl:

Too massive for my liking…

I like it, my only concern is that it seems more prone to get scratches coz it doesn’t have a ring around the edges of the screen

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You can go for this one.
SkyGrand Fitness Tracker Hr
It will cost you around $100 and is one of the cheapest deals.
Also, it has been upgraded for 2019. The new model features heart rate monitoring. It also tracks your sleep patterns and other useful information while you are not awake.

I already bought the S3 Frontier… So far so good…

If I take a recommendation from SERP on the “best cheap smartwatch”, I found some of the best smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, Letsfit Fitness Tracker Smart Watch, etc. The list was much longer but I picked the best three out of them that will fit your budget too.


How is the battery life on Apple and Samsung watches for those who have used them? I love the designs and nifty features but I am too lazy to charge a smartwatch more than once a week. I use an Amazfit bip, battery lasts for a month.

I have been waiting for smartphones that need charging once a week btw. Anyway, in all seriousness, how disappointed will I be with actual smartwatches? Do they have a lite mode (kill every app and leave an always-on-display for time and basic notifications) to save battery?

My Frontier needs charging every two days. This doubles to 4 days if I use Battery Saver

Having used a Samsung Gear in the past that put in so many features including camera and SIM card, I have wanted to buy a fossil smart watch which is more minimalistic and leans towards looking like a watch, but it’s remained that, a desire that I’m not sure I’ll satisfy this year.

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For your needs, just get the Huawei Watch GT. It has week-long battery with all functions enabled. The Samsung watches can only last that long on battery saver mode which means you don’t get notifications. Apple watch also needs charging daily or once every two days just like the Samsungs.

OPPO’s watch can last a week, with power saving but at least it still gives you notification alerts.

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So, OnePlus will release a $160 smartwatch by the mid of this month. Reviewers have already received copies. It is a full smartwatch: all fitness features, take calls, reply messages, play and store media, control one plus TV, the whole deal.

Oneplus says it supports quick charge, 20min charge gives 1week of charge. They say a full charge will give you 14 days of battery. I dont believe them. However, even they can give me just a week, I will import coz it may never reach our shores!!

Not using wearOS is probably the right move since it means battery can be well-optimized. Waiting for April 14…

Mi band 6 is out with a blood oxygen sensor should come in handy in this time of covid

I’m also following Oneplus watch reviews keenly. I wanted to import Fitbit Sense but after watching reviews I wasn’t impressed, na vile that watch has almost everything. I need a substitute to my band 5, wife anasema tuwache kuvalia band kila mahali ka watoto :joy: :joy:. If Oneplus watch has good reviews I’m getting it.

The OnePlus has finally been reviewed. Most of its functionalities are average or good. The most important thing is the battery. 5 days with all sensors on (Beebom) is pretty good. I will get one

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The reviews that I’ve seen ,the watch is getting bashed left right and center

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It’s average by many standards. But, it is the only real smartwatch that has a decent battery life. Here I will take the halfbaked features with a week’s battery over full smartwatch features and having to charge daily (wearOs, watchOS)

Amazfit GTR 2 has similar battery life

I think I will just get Huami’s Amazfit GTR 2, has same features but with more polished software and cheaper. Until Google comes up with something through Fitbit wacha nikae hii camp. GTR 2 reviews seem a little bit positive relative to this.

Edit: Not cheaper but around the same price